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Although based in Paris, Bredin Prat is truly international. Bredin Prat has roughly 30 lawyers (partners and associates) representing a total of 20 different nationalities.  Many of our lawyers can conduct their work not only in French and English, but also in Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Italian, Korean, etc.  Each year, the firm hosts associates and partners from firms all over the world, for periods of six months to a year. This provides our lawyers with the opportunity to work with foreign colleagues in Paris on a daily basis.

Our privileged relationships with the Best Friends firms in Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom, along with many other independent firms around the world (in the United States, China, South America, etc.) allow us to provide our associates with the opportunity to benefit from secondments at foreign firms in order to expand their international network.

Over the last five years in particular, Bredin Prat has enabled 55 associates across all practices to benefit from secondments in London, New York, Saõ Paulo, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Madrid, Milan, Hong Kong and many other cities around the globe. In general, secondments are offered to associates who have at least 3 to 5 years of experience working at the firm. These unique opportunities allow associates to acquaint themselves with new working methods, improve their foreign language skills in a professional setting, enhance their international network, as well as to understand the expectations of clients of a given nationality.

Secondee experience

LIONEL: “My secondment in the United States was an incredible professional opportunity and an exceptional learning experience. My year  in New York City helped me to better understand the practice of law in the United States as well as to experience the day-to-day workings of a prestigious U.S. law firm. Furthermore, I was able to greatly improve my  ability to negotiate and draft in English.  I am now able to better anticipate the expectations of Anglo-Saxon clients to more successfully serve their interests.  Lastly, I was able to expand my professional network in the United States by working closely with the lawyers at my host firmwith whom I continue to collaborate. My experience gave me the opportunity to connect with other lawyers, bankers, clients and other  various contacts, all of whom remain a part of my professional network.

— Lionel spent more than a year in New York at a prestigious US law firm.–

PIERRE: “My secondment in Sao Paulo at a leading firm was incredibly enriching in many ways.  The experience allowed me to get to know the procedures of the Brazilian Competition Authority (CADE), which has become a major entity at an international level over the past ten years both in terms of cartels and monopolies. This experience provided me with the opportunity to meet the wishes of our French and European clients who have interests or projects in Brazil.  Furthermore, I have been able to strengthen my ties with Brazilian clients of the firm who we regularly represent before European competition authorities. Lastly, this secondment provided me with the chance to expand my network by meeting many colleagues, prospects and bankers not only in Brazil, but also throughout the rest of Latin America.”

— Pierre spent a year in Rio at a prestigious Brazilian law firm.–

JING: “As a Chinese national who began my professional career in France, I always wanted to discover what it is like to work in China.  My secondment in Hong Kong was an incredibly rewarding experience both professionally and personally. I feel extremely fortunate to have had this enriching experience.”

— Jing spent six months in the Hong Kong office of  a prestigious UK law firm.–