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Bredin Prat is particularly attentive to the integration of diversity in its organization, and strives to recruit people from different backgrounds. The Firm also promotes the professional integration of the most junior staff by recruiting interns, some of whom will become future employees of the Firm.

Bredin Prat does not discriminate, exclude or prefer on the basis of nationality or ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, marital status or political opinion, trade union activity, disability, age or sexual orientation in recruitment and career development and ensures equal treatment. The firm does not tolerate discrimination on the basis of disability.

We have identified the risks of discrimination internally, and have a score of 93/100 on the Gender Equality Index for the year 2020 (Index Egapro).

Over the last 10 years, the proportion of women appointed as partners in the firm is 50%.

Equal opportunity based on merit and ability

The diversity of the Firm's members is a primary asset and Bredin Prat considers differences as a factor of progress and performance. Bredin Prat is committed to promoting equal treatment, equal opportunity, and equal pay for work of equal value for men and women on the basis of non-discrimination.

Sexual and moral harassment

Bredin Prat will not resort to any verbal or physical threats, physical violence, sexual abuse or any form of harassment. The Firm is committed to employment equity and to creating a work environment in which all members of the Firm are treated with respect and dignity.